Takargo's main goal was to offer integrated and competitive logistics solutions at an Iberian level.

In order to make this purpose possible, Takargo joined a Spanish rail operator, Comsa Rail Transport, currently Captrain España, in order to guarantee the possibility of running train throughout the Iberian space. From this partnership, Ibercargo Rail, S.A. was born, 50% owned by each of the companies.


Ibercargo started its first service in 2009 with three weekly round-trip cycles between Portugal and Zaragoza, a service that still continues. Other operations in the Iberian space have been added over the years, from the transport of wooden logs from Galicia, steel based products from/to various origins and destinations, general containerized cargo, chemical products and more.

Through Ibercargo’s scope alone, Takrgo is able to carry annually around 2.000 trains with 1,300,000 kilometres covered and 900,000 tons transported.

Takargo and Captrain España have licenses and safety certificates that allow them to operate both in Portugal and Spain. However, both railway companies continue to guarantee the operation of freight transport on Iberian axes in their own country, under the Ibercargo trademark.



As a complement to rail transport, Takargo provides its customers with a complementary intermodality service adapted to the particular needs of the operation, establishing the necessary partnerships with terminals and road transport companies, in order to guarantee competitiveness and efficiency in door-to-door solutions.